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 Google Ads Academy or Google AdWords Academy is my proven step-by-step online course created to generate more leads for your business. The Google Ad Academy That Works!

If you've been looking for a  Google AdWords Online Course that really will generate leads



What If You Could Create Ad Campaigns That Actually Work - So  You Can Get More Leads For Your Business?

Join my [FREE] Training so you can learn:

How To Create A Google Ads Strategy Plan That Drives Results!

 Get The Results You Want By Creating Profitable Ad Campaigns

Join My Free Masterclass Now!

Discover the 7 Absolutely "Killer" Tips For Google Ads So You Can Generate More Sales                 


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FaceBook Audience Targeting [The Ultimate Guide For Facebook Ads]


Facebook Audience Insights 

Shaping Your Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook Audience Insights is a tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, purchase behaviour and more.

Is Facebook audience insights free?

Facebook Audience Insights is one of the most powerful analytical tools at your disposal -- that is, if you know how to use it. Accessed through Facebook Ads Manager, Audience Insights is free to use and provides a huge amount of demographic and behavioural data about your audience and that of your competitors

How do I get to Facebook audience insights?

To access Facebook Audience Insights, click on the main menu in the top left anywhere inside the Facebook Ads Manager. Then under the "Plan" column, choose "Audience Insights." You can also type facebook.com/ads/audience-insights in your browser to go...

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Google Ads: What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work?

What is Google Ads? How The Google Ads Auction Works




Google does not share their search volume data. However, it is estimated Google processes approximately 5.8 billion searches per day and approximately 2 trillion global searches per year, and the majority of search results pages include Google ads.


Paid for by businesses, Google ads can be an extremely effective way of driving relevant, qualified traffic to your website exactly when people are searching for the types of products or services your business offers.

In this article, you’ll learn what Google ads are, how Google ads work, and why you should run your own Google ads.


What Are Google Ads (AdWords)?

Google offers paid advertisements which appear in search results on google.com with the use of Google Ads or advertisements that appear on other websites through the Display Network and Google’s AdSense program.

There are two sections of paid Google...

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7 Ridiculously Powerful Google Ads Writing Strategies (Why They Will "Crush" Your Competition)


Help with Google Ads? Start with looking at your Google Ads Settings

Google Ads support can often lead to frustration. If your overall Google Ads cost is heading north, then it might be time to seek out a Google Ads Specialist.

If you're stuck on how to run Google Ads, and are uncertain about how to craft those decent ads inside your Google ads account then you're probably wasting your time...

...and in this video I explain why. If you're struggling to learn Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords), or starting to think you might need some kind of Google certification to get on the front foot, then don't worry as I've got you covered.

This training includes some of the best performing ads we've ever recommended. I include some of the best ad copy examples you will find online - and the best thing is that you can do this yourself.

You don't need any kind of Google certification. I'm a Google partner with over 15 years experience. Let me also show you just why you need to use...

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Do Google Ads Work? REVEALED: The Truth about Using Google Ads


Google Ads for business? Yes, if you're confident in what you're doing...

Google Ads help is advertised heavily by Google themselves, though you must understand the Google Ads fundamentals long before you pay for Google Ads.

Isn’t it frustrating when you hear talk about Google Ads not working for lead generation when it’s the exact opposite of what actually happens.

 I’m going to uncover the absolute truth about Google Ads for business…

Let's start by dispelling a few of those myths that are out there surrounding at Google Ads.

Myth Number One: no one clicks on the ads. This is one of the most common myths I hear. 

I've actually seen people produce supposed industry stats to support this completely false and misleading statement. Google makes nearly all of its revenue from people clicking on the ads.

 Remember as an advertiser you only get charged by Google If someone clicks on the ads, so if no one is clicking on them, then Google would...

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7 "Deadly" Google Ads Rookie Mistakes (And How To Fix Them Fast!)


Help With Google Ads?

Google Ads Settings You Must Use When Setting Up Your Google Ads Account

These are the 7 "rookie mistakes" frequently made by Google Ads users and the "super-actionable" steps to fixing them fast! 

Google Search Ads are just a great way to get your brand in front of your customers. A lot of people get confused over expanded text ads and how to use Google ads in general!

Watch this video if you want to learn about or how to:

  Avoid the most common mistakes inside your Google Ads account

  Landing pages explained to lower your bounce rate.

  Why you must use negative keywords inside you Google Ads account

  Why you MUST install Google Analytics tracking code

  BONUS: View this complete walkthrough on how to set up Google Analytics with a free PDF which you can download here:

  How To Install Google Analytics

  BONUS: How To Install Google Analytics On...

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7 "Killer" Google Ads Tips & Tricks For New Campaigns


Starting a brand new Google Ads account? See my checklist for getting started.

Your Google Ads Tutorial:

Over the past year, I have launched loads of new Google paid search accounts.

While the basic account structure and setup process have remained relatively consistent over the years, there have been a few recent changes that are well worth mentioning.

In this post, I will cover the basics of Google Ads account setup and share some tips on recent market changes.

Here are 7 key steps to creating a successful Google Ads account:

 1. Establish Campaign Structure

Within one account, you can have as many as 1,000 campaigns. Decide what your goals are. Think about how you would like to organise your campaigns.

Common organisational techniques include:

  • By product or service group
  • By geographic location or region
  • By seasonality

Campaign structure is important, because budgets are set at the campaign level.

Establish your campaigns based on how you want to allocate and manage your...

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How To Setup Google Ads Remarketing Step-by-Step (The Ultimate Guide)


Google Remarketing for Google Remarketing Ads. The Ultimate Guide

Google Ads Remarketing lets you place Google Remarketing Ads in front of your existing website visitors. Install the Google remarketing tag on your site first.

How To Setup Google Ads Remarketing Step-by-Step (The Ultimate Guide)

Welcome to Google Ads Remarketing. Super excited to share this with you. This is a fantastic tool that you can add to your Google Ads Campaigns.
You may be asking what exactly is Remarketing? People still get confused by this sometimes and confuse it with Remarketing and Retargeting, but they are exactly the same thing.
Retargeting used to refer to the ads that follow you around, while Remarketing was about reengaging customers via email, but now that terms are used interchangeably.
So Remarketing can be defined as any time you're marketing to someone who has seen your brand before. It's a great way to advertise to people who have previously...
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How To Install Google Analytics Step-by-Step (The Ultimate Guide)


Google Analytics Tutorial

Installing your Google Analytics Tracking Code is not nearly as difficult as you might think. Please trust me on this! You Google Analytics setup is a relatively straight forward task.

I can hear a few of you freaking out thinking - this is looking complicated already, though it needs to be done. It's not complicated. I am going to walk you through it, and it is essential. It is known as Google Analytics tracking code and you simply must install it into your web site. This really is Google Analytics for beginners, so let's get underway.

It's a little piece of code; your web developer, your web guru, or your I.T. guy will know exactly what to do. Get your web designer to install tracking on your site, just a must-do, no questions asked.


Once Google Analytics tracking is installed, it will tell you everything you need to know about your site's effectiveness, and without this knowledge, you're simply on the road to nowhere.

Among other things...

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Are Google Ads Worth It for Small Business?

If you’ve ever worked with a marketing consultant or done a Google search, you’ve probably had someone tell you to use Google Ads.

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear in Google search results pages can be an effective way to generate traffic—particularly traffic that converts into customers—by jumping to the top of search results.

If you choose the right keywords and budget, you can buy your way to the top of the results page. In some cases, like the above, searchers might even need to scroll down before they get past your ads.

At the same time, Google Ads makes it easy to spend a lot of money very quickly. If you aren’t quite comfortable with what you’re doing, you could blow through your whole marketing budget.

So Are Google Ads Worth It For Small Businesses?

Here Are Six Advantages Of Google Ads:  

If you...

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