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 Online Marketing Strategies is a podcast dedicated to bringing e-Commerce entrepreneurs like you "super-actionable" tips and techniques to grow your sales, your email list and your traffic.

Interviews with online influencers where we discuss Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sales Funnels, Lead Generation and much more!

Online Marketing Strategies with Phil Adair

Welcome to the Online Marketing Strategies Podcast. Learn super-actionable tips and tricks to build your online business. Fast!

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Phil's Podcast Setup

You don't need a podcast studio to start your own podcasting journey. You just need the right podcast recording software and equipment and your good to go. Here's a list of the podcast kit I use.

Libysn Podcast Hosting

Libsyn is the number one podcast hosting service, they have a long standing reputation in the podcasting community and their rates are very affordable. Fully integrated tools provide a one-stop solution with flexible service level options.


Zoom H5 Digital Recorder

My recorder of choice is the Zoom H5 digital recorder. The H5 is a gem - a compact, portable handheld digital recorder that is capable of four-track recording and features an interchangeable, modular microphone system. Solid and dependable.


Zoom Video Conferencing

 Zoom combines HD video conferencing, online business meetings, webinars, and mobile capabilities into one solution... Everyone else can simply click on the meeting link (reoccuring or unique) and jump right in from their phone, tablet, or desktop.


Podcast Mic & Podcast Video Camera

This is my real podcast 101 or podcast gear. Again, it doesn't need to be overly complicated. Once you develop your podcast structure you are good to go.

Razer Kiyo Ring Light Camera

The Razer Kiyo is a desktop streaming camera with a powerful, multi-step ring light that you can dim or brighten on command. It also has the ability to stream at 60 frames per second.   


Rode NTUSB Studio-Quality USB Microphone

The NT-USB is a highly versatile  microphone that is ideal for recording singing and musical performances in addition to spoken applications such as podcasting and voice-over.


RODE PSA 1 Swivel Mount Mike Boom Arm

The PSA1 is a studio boom arm for radio, broadcast, studio and home use. The PSA1 offers a horizontal reach of 820mm, a vertical reach of 840mm and full 360 degree rotation. 


Podcast Editing

The podcast software I use the most for my editing is Audacity. The reason being is that I'm not that technical and I just find it really intuitive and very easy to edit each podcast episode I produce. Oh, and it's also free!

Audacity Editing Software

Audacity is free, open source software. Use this application for any personal, commercial, or educational purposes, including installing it on as many different computers as you wish.


GarageBand For Mac

GarageBand is a fully equipped music creation studio right inside your Mac — with a complete sound library that includes instruments, presets for guitar and voice.



WavePad Audio editor is a professional audio and music editing software for Windows and Mac. Wavepad has a highly intuitive interface ensuring anyone can use it with ease.


Online Marketing Strategies with Phil Adair

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