Do Google Ads Work? REVEALED: The Truth about Using Google Ads


Isn’t it frustrating when you hear talk about Google Ads not working for lead generation when it’s the exact opposite of what actually happens.

 I’m going to uncover the absolute truth about Google Ads for business…

Let's start by dispelling a few of those myths that are out there surrounding at Google Ads.

Myth Number One: no one clicks on the ads. This is one of the most common myths I hear. 

I've actually seen people produce supposed industry stats to support this completely false and misleading statement. Google makes nearly all of its revenue from people clicking on the ads.

 Remember as an advertiser you only get charged by Google If someone clicks on the ads, so if no one is clicking on them, then Google would have gone bust years ago.

 When you realise this, you understand how silly the myth is and frankly how silly the people are who say it. No one clicks on the ads.

Myth busted!

Myth Number Two: It's no good for small local business. They can't compete with the big national companies. this myth is absolutely wrong on so many levels and it's a shame because this is the one that puts off many small businesses.

 Most people do not realise that Google Ads is not about bidding more than your competitors. The bid price is only a small part of the process and actually the top ads on Google usually paid less per click than the other ones further down the page.

 There are a number of techniques you can use to make sure that your bid prices are low and that your ads also appear higher up on the page. Most big companies don't use these techniques.

 The marketing departments usually just throw money at Google and they bid over the odds for all of their keywords.

 You can still beat them though with a much low a bid. Yes, most small businesses can learn to outsmart the big guys. Myth busted!

Myth Number Three: You don't need to advertise on Google when SEO gets you web traffic for free.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of getting your website listed at the top of the free search results in Google.

 Getting yourself there doesn't require you pay anything to Google. That's true, but it's a myth to believe that it replaces the need for advertising on Google and here’s why:

 You can invest a lot of time and money to get your website to the top of the free listings on Google and once you're there there’s no guarantee that you will stay there.

 Google constantly changes the rules for free listings as well as their algorithm and a website can disappear from the free listings overnight.

 Anyway, If you're already at the top of the free results in Google, why wouldn't you also want to double your chances of getting that person to your website? By advertising on the same keyword, you effectively double your chances.

Myth busted!


Myth Number Four: Your competitors will click on your adverts and cost you a fortune.

 Absolutely false. You might've heard the term click fraud and it's where someone clicks on your ads deliberately to waste your money.

Google has taken great steps over the years to stop this. They have automated processes in place to identify when this is happening and they will not charge you for the clicks.

They also have a team who manually look at suspicious clicks and they can refund your clicks. In addition, if you feel you have been subjected to click fraud, you can tell them and they will investigate it for you.

Google know that click fraud is a big concern and so they go out of their way to make sure it doesn't happen. If they are in any doubt, they will refund your money. Myth busted!


Myth Number Five: I need to be a Google Ads Pro to make all this work.

The Google Ads interface changes regularly. Google introduced more complex features and then realised that most Google Ads users have no idea what to do with all the tools available.

 You need to apply your knowledge under the right circumstances. You don't, however, need to be a Google Ads expert or marketing genius. You just need good initial guidance and a damn good process to follow. Myth busted!


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