Google Ads Academy

The Perfect Blueprint For Your Business To Generate Fresh Leads on Autopilot


Get Maximum Profit From Each Visitor, Even If You Have Never Marketed Online Before...

If you’re constantly trying to work out how marketing professionals create Google Ads that convert leads into customers, you’re not alone …

Maybe you have tried to do it yourself and ended up paying Google’s “stupidity tax” because nobody showed you how to set up your campaign and which levers to pull (it is absolutely not your fault).

Maybe your business just isn’t big enough to absorb the cost of a contractor so you feel there is no other way to figure this out except to watch another YouTube video and hope (except that keeps costing money in less-than-effective campaigns).

Maybe you’re almost out of time in trying to get the leads happening, because if something doesn’t come together soon, business will completely dry up.

And maybe you just don’t know what to do anymore but you DO know that something’s got to give …

If any of these describe you, know that you’re on the right path to a solution. Not from complicated methods or last year’s systems …

But with GOOGLE ADS ACADEMY, delivered entirely online with quick customer support for when you have questions. Because things shouldn’t be so hard.


Wherever you are at in setting up a consistent, automated system for fresh leads to your business, Google Ads Academy opens up the door to a genuine business breakthrough.

“Phil shows you how anyone can unleash a profitable ad campaign quickly using a powerful system. His course is packed with world-class examples for business owners at every level.”
- Steve Sheppard
“Phil gives you the step-by-step know-how to skyrocket every aspect of your ad campaigns - for immediate results.”
- Jason Patterson
“Phil's course is rock-solid in revealing every single step in your prospect's decision making process... allowing you to super-charge your entire ad strategy for maximum profit from every visitor!”
- Sophia Baseotto

How Does Google Ads Academy Work?

Unlike other courses you may have seen before, this course contains only the things you need and nothing you don't.
There's no "padding" with useless info to make you experience "perceived value." We prefer giving you actual value ...

Clear Video Instruction

Simple "watch over my shoulder" sessions where I show you exactly how to create successful Google Ads campaigns.

Full Transcripts & Slides

If you like learning in good old-fashioned text format, you'll love this. Enhanced transcripts of every session. Print 'em, mark 'em up, or read on your device. We took the notes for you.


Build As You Learn

This course is set so that you complete the work as you learn. So you don't just walk away with "head knowledge," you walk away with ad campaigns that work.

What's So Special About Google Ads Academy?

Rather than cheap tactics, you’ll build comprehensive, profitable campaigns and learn from someone who does this every day:

  1. Bullet-proof systems for Google Ads setup
  2. The psychology involved in getting someone to click on your ad
  3.  How to get the best return on your advertising dollar


Here’s The Full Outline:

SESSION 1: The Correct Account Setup

The secret technique that'll give you a total edge over any competition - and make the difference in your ongoing success with Google Ads!

SESSION 2: Do This First: Install Tracking

Taking Advantage of Analytics So You Can Make The Right Decisions Fast Without Wasting Time Or $$$.

SESSION 3: The "Right" Settings For Your Campaign

How To Organise Your Google Ads Campaigns Efficiently So You Don't Waste Any Time Trying To Figure Out What Works...

SESSION 4: Choosing Your Geographic Location

Hitting The Bull's Eye by Choosing Your Targeting Correctly For Maximum Results & Added Impact!

SESSION 5: Scheduling Your Google Ads To Save $$$

Avoiding The "Rookie" Mistakes And Running Your Campaigns At The RIGHT Time.

SESSION 6: Ad Groups: How To Set Them Up For Success

Google Ads Optimisation Starts Here: Stepping Up Your Game With Ad Groups.

SESSION 7: Match Types: Your "Secret" Weapon

Keyword Matching Options - How To Zero In On Profitable Keywords And "Match" Them Correctly.

SESSION 8: Writing The Perfect Ad (Part 1)

Writing Persuasive Ad Copy - The Ultimate Silver Bullet. How To Mint Money With The Printed Word.

SESSION 9: Writing The Perfect Ad (Part 2)

The "Power-Packed Combination" Technique That Really Adds Extra Power To Any Ad That You Create. So You Can Get Clicks And Earn More Money!

SESSION 10: Ad Extensions: How To Stand Out From Your Competition

Supercharge Your Click-Through Rates With Ad Extensions.

SESSION 11: The Right Bid Strategy & Setting Your Daily Budget (Part 1)

How To Set Up Budgeting Inside Your Ads Campaigns

SESSION 12: Choosing Your Bid Strategy & Setting Your Daily Budget (Part 2)

More Optimisation Tips & Techniques To Make The Most Out Of Your Ad Spend.

SESSION 13: Creating "Call Only" Campaigns For Instant Leads!

Instantly Generate Leads With Click To Call Ads. The Perfect Combination With Your Text Ads.

SESSION 14: Negative Keywords - This Alone Will Save You Loads!

The Unmissable Module: Negative Keywords. Refining Your Keywords For Maximum Impact.

SESSION 15: The Power Of Click-Through Rates Inside Your Campaigns

Bringing It All Together. Enhancements For Your Ads That Get Clicks And Conversions.

SESSION 16: Getting The Most From Google Ads Keyword Planner

How To Zero In On The Most Profitable Keywords So You Can Step Up Your Game.

SESSION 17: Quality Score. Settings To Save You Money And Increase Clicks

How To Improve Your Quality Score And How Google Pays You To Be Relevant.

SESSION 18: Your Secret Power: The Google Ads Search Terms Report

Targeting Your Hottest Keywords Through This Often Overlooked Report. A Goldmine.

Who Is Google Ads Academy NOT for?

Google Ads Academy will not suit people who want a “done for you” service. If that’s you, get in touch with us and we can connect you with the right person on our team. 

Google Ads Academy will also not work for people who sign up but don’t implement the training. It would be nice if campaigns were built by osmosis, but we haven’t figured that out yet.

So, if you KNOW that your business needs consistent leads and you are ready to get down to work, let’s get this done.

What Are The Results Of Using Google Ads Academy Methods?

Here’s an example. We worked with a company that sells and installs home security systems. 

When they came to me they were spending between $12000 and $14000/month on their Google Ads campaigns.

Sales were lacklustre.

I redesigned their campaigns from the first ad through to the sales confirmation.

The results?

Ad costs slashed by over 70%.

Sales up to over 30 per month, and this number continues to climb.

The security company is extremely satisfied!


BONUS #1: Landing Pages Bootcamp

How To Build A Landing Page That Converts Into Sales

Scenario: You log into your Google Ads account and there are no clicks through from people who visited your landing page. No calls. No purchases. It’s a terrifying feeling as you watch the ad budget being spent with nothing coming in.

How is that possible?

Your landing page lost the scent from the ad.

I’m going to show you how to not only “keep the scent” but make it smell so damn good that your customers will be pouring through your landing page door for a taste.

When you sign up for Google Ads Academy you’ll get Landing Pages Bootcamp FREE! (Value $697)

BONUS #2: How To Design & Create A Lead Magnet That People Beg to Download

  • Find out how to put rocket fuel under your Google Ads with lead magnets.
  • Get the “must-have” marketing funnels that spread sales like wildfire
  • Get the secrets on how to convert leads (which are nice, but don’t give you money) into valuable, paying customers.  (Value $697)

BONUS #3: Remarketing Bootcamp

  • Find out why Remarketing brings nuclear-power strength to your campaign, and how to use it.
  • Get the strategy on how to position your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Google or its partner websites.
  • Watch our step-by-step walk-through of exactly how to set up Remarketing campaigns the right way. (Value $697)

BONUS #4: How To Create A "Thank You" Page That Engages & Converts

  • Find out why your Thank-you page is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate you can build.
  • Get our complete walk-through on how to create high quality Thank-you pages.
  • Learn exactly how to encourage engagement and increase revenue so you can grow your business! (Value $697)

Never get stuck with Google Ads (and getting leads into your business) again.

To make sure you’re 110% confident implementing everything you learn inside Google Ads Academy, I’ve gone to extreme measures, recording meticulous walk-throughs and tutorials for every single, nitty gritty step you’ll be taking throughout the process.

Detailed step-by-step walk-throughs for setting up your Google Ad Campaigns

How to get your landing pages implemented with speed and precision

How to load up your Ad Groups to win every time

And literally EVERYTHING else you’ll be executing with confidence inside Google Ads Academy.

Join the business owners who have discovered how to turn on the tap to consistently bring in quality leads, for just 1 payment of $397. Google Ads Academy usually sells for $997, but we have opened the doors to help as many people as we can right now.

Yes! I’m ready!



Still Not Convinced? Hear From More People Like You Who Have Achieved Incredible Results ...

“This training shows you how to come up with the most powerful ad copy possible ... copy that will strongly resonate with your ideal customers and sell your product by the TRUCKLOAD!”
- Kevin Kemp-Smith

“Phil has created insanely useful training with his Google Ads Academy. This course is thorough and professional and went above and beyond my expectations. Wonderful training that has helped me avoid costly mistakes.”
- Karen Lindley

“Phil is a wealth of strategic know-how! I just landed my highest paying clients to date, thanks to his eye-opening course.”
- Derek Jones


Easily Create "Killer" Google Ads Campaigns That Get Results Every Time ...


  • Identify Missed Opportunities
  • Reduce Spend Budget Easily
  • Improve Quality Score
  • Increase Conversions Quickly
  • Become A Dominant Force In Your Market

If you’re on the fence …

Or if other trainings have left you sceptical ...

Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Google Ads Academy into action and experience how easy and exciting it can actually be to welcome dozens, or even hundreds of new customers to your business when you learn how to create winning campaigns.

That’s why I’m giving you a full 30-days to go through the training, keep up with the modules, implement the systems, and hit PLAY on your Google Ads machine.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Google Ads Work?


Of course you might think I’m a little biased seeing I'm a Google Ads trainer, but I do this because of my deep-rooted love of PPC, and I truly believe Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) can work for almost any business: small, medium, or large.

Yes, Google Ads works. Google Ads is an affordable form of advertising that allows for targeting qualified, in-market prospects, and if managed correctly, it can deliver strong return on investment or ROI, helping you grow your business’s leads and sales. Even if your online presence from SEO is excellent, research shows that adding in Google Ads advertising produces significantly more clicks from search.

Yes. Google’s algorithm is extremely powerful, with information not just on where people live and what they buy, but also what they are interested in buying soon.

Tap into that power today and learn how to do it the right way with the Google Ads Academy.

As soon as you join the Google Ads Academy you’ll have a business breakthrough, because you will be able to use the power of Google’s data plus get straightforward steps to build a lucrative system for your business. 

You’ll be able to look over my shoulder as I build really successful campaigns, then model that to bring a consistent stream of leads and sales for your own business. You’ll also get access to our full suite of tools that covers every aspect of targeting the right audience, writing killer ads that get people clicking through to your site, and taking them to a landing page that is set up to convert far better than your competitors. 

Google Ads Academy is your “marketing and sales in a box”, covering everything you need to move the needle on revenue, now.

Yes! We recommend a strong SEO strategy for all businesses, but SEO is a long-term game. When you put the training from the Google Ads Academy into action, it will significantly boost your SEO efforts and, even if you haven’t started SEO you will get quick results from the solid Google Ads campaigns you build in the Academy.

The Google Ads Academy covers all of your marketing needs: ads that speak to the right audience, paid traffic campaigns to get people to your site, and landing pages that convert well above most of your competitors. If you decide to use other channels in addition once you’ve mastered Google Ads, you have the principles and knowledge to achieve strong results straight away!

To calculate the incredible return on investment you get from the Google Ads Academy, take the lifetime value of your customer and multiply that by the number of customers you want to bring in to your business through Google Ads. For instance, let’s do the exercise with a customer who gives you $100 (we’re going to keep it simple here). Multiply that by just 100 customers and you get $10,000. So with the Google Ads Academy currently available for a short time only at $497 and your ad budget, you can build campaigns that easily bring in 100 customers (and more). The numbers are different for every business and product, of course, but I’ve been doing this for 12 years so am living proof that the return on investment is lucrative!


The only thing you risk right now is spending another second running your business without a strategic, easy-to-execute lead building system - one that works NOW to consistently bring leads to your business, even while you sleep.
 One that leverages all the modern, “what’s working now” strategies, and takes you by the hand to execute them with confidence and precision.

If you’re ready to wake up tomorrow and start …

  • Building a powerful list of engaged customers who are ready and primed to buy your stuff.
  • Leveraging the most cutting edge strategies inside the Google Advertising platform (and more) with the poise of someone who's been testing and executing in the trenches for years.
  • Skipping the confusion and overwhelm by plugging yourself into the Step-by-Step Google Ads Blueprint Method which has been engineered from the ground up to get you a steady flow of brag-worthy new customer wins ...

Then I can’t wait to meet you inside Google Ads Academy!

One Last Thought

One year from today, God willing, you will still be here on this planet. The question is, will anything in your business be significantly different? Will you have set up a consistent flow of high quality leads and sales for your business? If it’s not happening already, then the answer is “only if you do something significantly different”.

Maybe this is that new thing that you need to do.

I look forward to getting to know you inside Google Ads Academy.

To Your Prosperity,

Phil Adair



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